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Jasic EVO 45 CUT Plasma PFC Inverter with Compressor

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The Jasic EVO CUT 45 is the uprated version of the popular Jasic PRO cut 45 single phase plasma cutter. 

The Jasic EVO plasma cutter has the added benefit of a modular attachable air compressor as well as a host of other key benefits.  Perfect for workshop, or site work, the EP-45SC can be used as a stand alone plasma cutter with its own air supply or the air compressor module can be connected to a stand alone compressed air supply.

Able to run from a 110 or 230V supply, the EVO CUT 45 is a versatile machine suited to both workshop or on site cutting.  The auto sensing wide voltage tolerance means it can run from power supplies of 95 – 265V, making it perfect for use on long extension cables where voltage drop may be an issue.

  • With in-built compressor
  • Rugged, ergonomic design
  • ClearVision technology
  • Adaptable wide voltage range
  • Welding engineer mode
  • SurePlasma technology for consistent arc ignition performance with different torch lengths
  • Mesh cutting, 2T/4T, non HF arc ignition and pilot arc
  • Gas check, postflow time setting, cutting torch length setting
  • Power factor correction (PFC), generator friendly
  • Quick factory reset; auto sleep mode
  • ABAP: Active Balancing Air Passage
  • Fan on demand
  • Key power electronic component protection
  • Overcurrent and overheat protection
  • TFT screen (optional)

Clean Cut up to 15mm in Carbon Steel (external air) or 12mm (integrated air compressor air)*
Severance Cut up to 25mm in Carbon steel (external air) or 20mm (integrated air compressor air)*
Mesh cutting function – Used for cutting mesh or metal with gaps. Eliminates the need for stop / start using the torch switch.
*Cutting capacities are quoted from running from a 230V supply. Reduced cutting thicknesses are achievable when running from a 110V supply.

Supplied with a 6m PT-60 plasma torch and an earth return lead

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