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SIP 15" Swivel Head Manual & Auto-Cut Metal Bandsaw

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The SIP 15" Swivel Head Manual & Auto-Cut Metal Bandsaw is a powerful and accurate auto-cutting bandsaw machine ideal for cutting bar, tube and profile workpieces using a range of metal types. This includes mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and alloys.

SIP Metal-Cutting Bandsaws are highly efficient, easy to use and safely cut metal to a high standard, helping to avoid use of manual cutting operations. They are an essential machine for metal and engineering workshops.

  • Applications & uses: Ideal for professional metal fabrication and engineering workshops. Suitable for cutting mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and alloys. Cleanly cuts bar, tube and profile workpieces.
  • Dual swivel head function
  • Cast iron swivel head can be positioned up to 45° left and 60° right. This allows for a double mitre facility which reduces the amount of material angling needed and increases cutting versatility.
  • Two-speed motor (1.1kW - 1.5kW)
  • Enables quick and easy selection of blade cutting speeds. This increases versatility of the saw as a large range of differently-sized materials can be cut.
  • Direct drive motor gearbox
  • Directly-driven from the heavy-duty induction motor, the gearbox transmission system delivers positive and precise cutting. This eliminates the need for belt alignment or adjustment.
  • Semi-automatic and manual cut-down functions
  • Perfect for repetitive cutting, the auto-cut function can be engaged using the control panel, allowing for swift and consistent cutting quality. The manual function can be controlled from the pull-down handle with control switch. An adjustable hydraulic ram dampener aids smooth cutting descent and control for greater blade control.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron swivel bow head
  • The swivel head action allows cutting without moving workpiece from the vice. Fitted to a pressed steel base, this weighted machine provides a rigid cutting platform which helps to reduce vibration and increase cutting accuracy.
  • - Supplied with bi-metal vari-pitch blade for enhanced cutting performance.
  • - A manual blade tensioner with tension indicator gauge ensures the blade cuts cleanly and accurately. This optimises blade performance, removing any guesswork when processing materials.
  • - Blade tension microswitch prevents the saw from operating if the minimum tension has not been reached.
  • - Also fitted to the bow, a coolant system extends blade life and cools the cutting area. Large cooling unit sited in pressed steel base.
  • Adjustable cast iron vice
  • Cast iron vice with left and right adjustment securely holds the workpiece for precise cutting, whilst a quick release handle ensures material can be quickly changed.
  • Enhanced safety features
  • A low voltage (24v) control circuit minimises electric shock which limits harm to machine operators. Interlocking switches prevent saw running when blade guard cover is opened. Adjustable blade covers limit exposure during cutting for greater user safety.
  • SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
    • ITEM NO. 01530
    • Input Supply: 400v 3-PHASE
    • Motor Power: 1.5kW (2hp)
    • Transmission: 2-Speed Direct Drive Gearbox
    • Blade Speed Range: 34mtr/min / 68mtr/min
    • Blade Size: 3160mm x 27mm x 0.9mm
    • Coolant System: Yes
    • Angle Range: 45°, 30°, 15° (left), 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° (right)
    • Cutting Capacity @ 0°: 270mm (circle) / 260mm (square) / 220mm x 370mm (rectangle)
    • Cutting Capacity @ 45°: 240mm (circle) / 180mm (square) / 160mm x 240mm (rectangle)
    • Cutting Capacity @ 60°: 160mm (circle) / 100mm (square) / N/A (rectangle)
    • Cutting Capacity @ 45° (L): 210mm (circle) / 180mm (square) / 150mm x 180mm (rectangle)

    Warranty: SIP 2-YEAR

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