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SIP FIREBALL Turbofan 3001 Electric Fan Heater

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The SIP FIREBALL Turbofan 3001 Electric Fan Heater is perfect for heating small workshops, garages, shops and offices. It's compact and lightweight design offers great portability when needed most in the colder months.

Using Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) technology, the ceramic-based element delivers exceptional heat transfer for safe and powerful heating, whilst thermostatically-controlled auto cut-off helps to reduce wasted energy and meet Energy-related Products (ErP) compliance.

Applications & uses: Heating small workshops, garages, shops and offices.

  • Variable heat power setting: Optimise the temperature output to the required level by adjusting the heat setting dial.
  • Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC): The durable ceramic-based element provides instant odourless heat at immediate and consistent levels. This allows for greater temperature control and safety as the heat generated transfers from the element without heating the external casing.
  • Compact and lightweight design for great portability |The integrated heater and control dial are fixed to a tilting metal frame allowing the direction of the heat to be adjusted. A carry handle allows the unit to be safely moved.
  • Powder-coated painted finish: Provides the steel casing added durability and resistance to the effects of everyday use for long product life.
  • SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
  • ITEM NO. 09215
  • Input Voltage: 230v (13A)
  • Output Power: 25w / 1400w / 2800w
  • Settings: Fan: 25w / Heat: 1400w (4,777BTU/hr) / Heat: 2800w (9,554BTU/hr)
  • Heating Area: 73mtr³/hr
  • Fuse Rating: 13A
  • IP Rating: IP20

Warranty: SIP 2-YEAR

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