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Parweld Eco-Grip Max MIG Torch MB501

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The Parweld Eco-Grip® Max MIG torch range is the perfect everyday welding torch. The Eco-Grip® Max MIG torch range offers the benefits of a modern ergonomic design while maintaining a simple and classic feel at a competitive price. Key features
Designed to be durable, reliable and comfortable, the Eco-Grip Max® MIG range is manufactured to give longevity and superior performance.
Swan Necks High temperature resistant insulation materials reducing the risk of shorting. Durable and robust.

Handle System Eco-Grip Max® system maximises user comfort. Designed for balance, lightness and strength. Screwless design for rapid servicing. Knuckle joint Small movements of the handle and neck are possible independently of the cable assembly.
Cables Hydroflex™ and Hyperflex™ cable systems offer the ultimate in performance. Machine end systems Extra long cable support. EURO CONNECTORS Spring loaded pins for improved contact.

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