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Jasic EVO Water Cooler 200P AC/DC TIG

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A rugged built, modular water cooler unit designed specifically for use with the EVO TIG 200P AC/DC Inverter Welder. The Jasic EVO Water Cooler (LC-30) provides a highly effective method of cooling the TIG torch to an optimum working temperature during the welding process.

This is achieved by attaching your TIG torch to the water cooling device, which is then supplied with a constant flow of water. As a result, they provide many benefits associated with the Jasic Evo Water Cooler (LC-30) including reducing the risk of defects in the weld, providing longer duty cycles without damaging equipment. A water cooler also allows for the use of a lighter weight torch at higher amperages and is therefore more comfortable for the operator. In addition, water cooled torches will not become as hot to hold as their air cooled counterparts, which again makes them more comfortable for the operator.

Because of the intense heat produced during the TIG welding process, overheating can become an important issue that could lead to fluctuations in the arc making it more difficult to produce a consistent weld. This issue is avoided in a water cooled system by providing a more stable welding environment.

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