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SIP 1500w Induction Heater Kit

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The SIP 1500w Induction Heater Kit is ideal for heating and releasing rusted-on or hard-to-remove parts such as nuts, bolts and fastenings. Designed for use in garages, workshops or automotive environments.

Easy-to-control and extremely efficient, this induction heater reaches temperatures of 800°C within 20 seconds. This plug-and-play solution uses an all-electric process which offers greater levels or safety compared to oxyacetylene and other methods which use a naked flame.

Applications & uses: Ideal for garage, workshop and automotive environments. Flat Coil: Sheet metal shrinkage or removing vehicle graphics and stickers. Helix Coil: Heating seized nuts, bolts and fastenings. Flexi-Induction Coil: Placing around tubs, metal fixings and hard-to-reach objects.

  • Powerful and compact (1500w): Features fan-cooled, handheld torch with socket adjusters for interchangeable heating tools. Fan-cooled torch maximises performance and protects the user's hands from heat produced. Compact unit delivers fast, safe and efficient heat quickly via the 1.5kW inverter power module.
  • 4-piece induction kit supplied: Helix Coil (2x) - 1x Ø 19mm, 1x Ø 26mm. Both 220mm length. Suitable for placing over or around nuts, bolts and fastenings. Flat Coil (1x) - 65mm width and 220mm length. Ideal for shrinkage when processing sheet metal or removing vehicle stickers and graphics. Flexi-Induction Lead (1x) - 800mm length end-to-end. Used for placing around tubs, metal fixings and hard-to-reach objects.
  • Easy-to-use: Simple to power from a 230v (13A) supply and fitted with an intuitive 'one touch' induction torch trigger.
  • Lightweight and portable: Lightweight fan-cooled unit includes a shoulder strap for movability when in use.
  • Carry case: Supplied with durable carry case allowing storage of the unit and 4-piece induction kit
  • SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
  • ITEM NO. 01156
  • Input Supply: 230v (13A)
  • Induction Power: 1.5kW
  • Power Control: Fixed
  • Induction Cable Length: 850mm
  • Power Cable Length: 3mtr
  • Ventilation: Fan-Cooled Torch & Inverter Unit
  • Inverter Frequency Range: 25kHz - 60kHz

Warranty: SIP 2-YEAR

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