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SIP VSDD/RDF 15kW 10bar 500ltr Rotary Screw Compressor with Dryer & Filter

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The SIP VSDD/RDF 15kW 10bar 500ltr 400v Rotary Screw Compressor is a variable speed, direct drive rotary screw compressor with integrated refrigerated dryer and filter. This 4th generation compressor is designed for continuous use applications or where multiple operators require compressed air at one time.

With a motor output of 15kW, this compressor can meet high-demand air requirements and optimise energy usage. Fitted with a 500ltr receiver tank.

Applications & uses: Ideal for medium to large workshops. Perfect for spray shops and automotive settings, plus industrial, engineering and agricultural environments. Suitable for factory and manufacturing settings.

  • Direct drive transmission for improved power transfer: Precision-engineered twin parallel rotary screws deliver an efficient positive drive transmission. This negates slippage for greater power transfer and machine reliability compared to belt-driven compressors. It also reduces machine maintenance, component stress and lowers power consumption and energy costs.
  • Variable speed 15kW motor delivers even power distribution: The inverter motor control enables automated soft-start and slope-down functionality. This ensures even torque distribution when powering up and controlled load descent once the receiver has reached the required air volume. The on-demand air production created adjusts to vary the amount of air delivered for greater versatility. These automated functions help to reduce machine wear and support long life use. Fitted with an IE4 motor for greater efficiency and lower energy costs.
  • Integrated refrigerated dryer reduces air moisture: Reduces moisture from the air delivered to the compressor. This improves the quality of air delivered to the tools and machinery the compressor is connected to.
  • Air filtration system ensures added protection: Particles and oil air filtration system collects foreign particles such as water droplets, oils, dirt and dust. Supports guidelines to meet air quality standard classification 2-4-2 in accordance with ISO 8573-1.
  • Silenced cabinet ensures reduced noise operation: Heavy-duty silenced cabinet minimises vibration and operates at reduced noise levels.
  • 500ltr air receiver supports high air consumption: Designed to safely store high volume compressed air, helping to ensure a stable flow and meet pressure peaks when in operation.
  • Real-time diagnostic colour display: An intuitive colour touchscreen display provides real-time diagnostic information on the status of the compressor. Includes operation and load status, receiver pressure, motor voltage and internal temperature.
  • Easy access cabinet for maintenance and service: All critical machine components are fully accessible through a single access cabinet panel, helping to reduce air production downtime. A service should be performed annually or after every 2000 loading hours. The compressor should perform a minimum of 1000 loading hours annually.
  • All-in-one machine design minimises lost work area space: The compact all-in-one design ensures a smaller overall footprint which helps to minimise lost work area space once the compressor is installed.
  • SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
  • ITEM NO. 08281
  • Input Supply 400v (32A)
  • Rated Input: 18kW
  • Motor Power: 15kW (20hp)
  • IE4 Motor: Yes
  • Max. Pressure: 145psi (10bar)
  • Free Air Delivery (FAD): 66CFM (1868ltr/min)
  • Receiver Size: 500ltr
  • Cooling Type: Fan Cooled
  • Transmission Type: Direct Drive
  • Start-Up Mode: Inverter Soft Start
  • Refrigerated Dryer: Yes
  • Outlet Connector: 3/4" BSPP
  • Noise Level: 62dB(A)

Warranty: SIP 2-YEAR

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